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četrtek, 02. maj 2013

Make-up show by Alex Box

Last week I went to a make-up show.
But it wasn’t just any makeup show; it was a show by master make-up artist Alex Box, Illamasqua’s Creative Director!
Need I tell you how much I admire her work? So I think you can imagine that I was super excited when I went to see the show! I guess you could compare it with favourite band concert including the backstage pass!!

The event was inspired by David Bowie, so I knew there will be colours. But knowing that I will be given a chance to see how she creates her masterpiece work from “blank canvas” to every last little detail LIVE (!!!) was the most exciting part!

There were three looks prepared on a display (face-charts with makeup to create the certain look), but of course she let her imagination flow, so the final look just slightly reminded of the chart. She began her first look with contouring in natural tones, but suddenly the look became more dramatic and eighties came on the surface.

The three David Bowie Inspired looks: Lightning Bolt, Magenta Muse and Labyrinth.

Next look was bursting with colours; purple, gold, silver, pearl, blue, black…and of course glitter! The secret to the look could be easily summarized as “lot of blending, shading and highlighting”, but that’s just not all. There’s magic in it and knowledge and loads and loads of experience, so I could never describe it with words.

What impressed me the most is that she can work with both hands equally good and the perfect symmetry as a final result.

Stole this "final look" pic from gorgiehobday's Instagram.
When she finished the second look she answered some questions and she said that her inspiration since she was teenager was and still is Francisco Bacon. I think that says it all.

In the end she took a minute to chat and take a picture with every single one of us. She’s such an amazing person with so much positive energy!
I am now inspired and recharged for a while. Thank you Alex Box for such an amazing experience.

And thank you guys for reading our blog,
Lots of love,

Of course I left with a bag of Illamasqua's goodies.
Clockwise from left: Lipstick in Resist, Liquid Metal in Electrum, Sealing Gel, Gleam in Aurora (my new big crush!), Powder Blush in Morale and in Naked Rose.

PS: sorry for low quality pictures.

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